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World Tourism Day

Added 09/19/2011 expiring on 09/28/2011

On September 27 all over the world will be celebrated the "World Tourism Day" the theme of 2011 will be "Tourism and 'rapprochement between cultures"
the role of tourism in 'bringing the world's cultures, promoting global understanding through travel, preserve and promote cultural diversity.

Even San Marino accedes to the celebrations of the day with some of the initiatives planned in the Republic:

five shows with free admission:

Tribute to badge-sovereignty of the Republic of San Marino in its emblems
San Marino, Hall of the City Hall

The Man, The Face, Mystery Masterpieces from the Vatican Museums
State Museum.

Opus Sacrum, Opus Profanum. Collection of Pier Luigi Pizzi
San Marino, Palazzo SUMS.

Here was the hero ... Garibaldi in San Marino, a land of asylum
San Marino City, Palazzo Valloni

Appearance. The photograph between reality and fiction by Italo Zannier and Robert More.
San Marino, San Francisco Museum.

Free admission to the following museums:

Museum - Art Gallery of St. Francis

State Museum

Government Building

First Tower

Second Tower - Ancient Arms Museum

Museum of Natural History - Institute of Studies, Research and Documentation

This is an invitation to tourists and citizens to discover and rediscover the history and traditions of the oldest republic in the world, recognized by UNESCO World Heritage delll'Umanità. On this occasion it will also free up the cable car from Borgo Maggiore to center on Mount Titano, to be seduced by his views and enjoy the most beautiful balcony of Romagna.

Exclusive menu
The following restaurants offer exclusive menus for September 27 to € 25.00 per person. The pleasure of tasting the world sitting at a table spread. A pleasant time and comparison of knowledge that enriches the mind and delight the palate.
Cabbage rolls with Thai Red Rice with mushroom sauce, with meat sauce Musaka Greek native, Supreme wing with Vejus of Perigord, potatoes corn parfait with vanilla from Madagascar
Menu 1: "Look West", Quiche Lorraine Crepes with Brie and Belgian endive, Gigot d'Agneau, Tarte Tatin
Menu 2: "Tastes of the Orient", duck breast marinated with citrus, soy noodles with seafood, pork and sour chicory onion and pineapple, walnuts caramelized with soy ice cream
Menu 'Arabic - Tunisian salad, Brick (triangular pastry roll), couscous with vegetables, lamb stew, Makround, The Desert
Menu Ethnic Buffet - Guliaj (Russia), Stew Pork fade to white wine that is placed at the end of the cooking spaghetti with mushrooms Rulada (Moldova), chicken thigh stuffed with mushrooms and mozzarella, Chorba (Romania), of Mirepoix vegetables and veal boiled with borsch powder and parsley, Moussaka (Greece), Various layers consist of fried eggplant, Potatoes, Onions, Sausage, Tomato and Bechamel, Passatelli Romagnoli (Italy), Chicken Churry (India), Gogohs ( Moldova), Pear and Ricotta (Italy)
Promotional Tour Packages
proposal for a night
The price includes:
A bed and breakfast
A restaurant dinner of the old town with ethnic menu (drinks not included)
Information kit on the Republic of San Marino
Free admission to the "museum status"
Discount card for purchases in shops of Old Town
50% discount card for admission to state museums and major private museums of San Marino.
Quote Hotel 4 * from € 85.00
Quote Hotel 3 * from € 70.00
Quote 2 * Hotel from € 63.00
Rates are per person in double room
Offer valid after checking availability.

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