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Oltremare Christmas

Added 11/18/2011 expiring on 01/08/2012

Experience a Christmas Wonderland in San Marino and the magic of Oltremare

The historic center of San Marino with its history and its fairytale landscape, the park with indoor attractions overseas, and the joy and sweetness of the dolphins.

An opportunity to spend hours of fun and carefree, in the lights, colors, and shows the last Christmas markets.

NEW 'OVERSEAS - THE DOLPHIN ENCOUNTERS - the new interactive program overseas
One of the most beautiful news of this extraordinary season full of surprises is called "Meet the dolphin". This is a new interactive program which gives the possibility to the public of Oltremare to get closer to dolphins and, for the first time, to participate in a real training session. Participation is, the age was lowered, and also allows youngsters to take part in this unique experience (starting from 8 years old).

Unlike the current 'Trainer A Passion ", not held in-depth lectures on cetaceans, but it is the emotional part of a privileged encounter with these magnificent animals. Within the program are taught the first "basics" of communication, the main signals to begin to interact with them.

  some of the information
* The cost of the program is 60.00 and includes a t-shirt
* Relatives and friends can not attend the program as observers
* Reservations are required
* By law, and especially for the safety of the animals is not possible to swimming with dolphins
* Indicative duration of the program: 1 hour

  Oltremare Christmas package

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