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San Marino Beach Volley Camp

12/18 June - 19/25 June - 26 July giugno/02 - Centro Vacanze San Marino

start date: 06/12/2011 end date: 06/18/2011

"San Marino Beach Volleyball Camp" is characterized as an intervention of high-level training sport full of "all inclusive": the educational and sports activities will be managed during the single day and throughout the period of stay, by a team composed of graduates and skilled technicians.

School Beach Volleyball
The teaching part-sports offers a true "Beach Volleyball School," with daily activities, which will enable participants to discover rules, secrets and spirit of the game of beach volleyball.
Under the guidance of technical trainings will be conducted to acquire the heating techniques, the technique individually (dribbling, Bagher, attack, defense) and some specific shots of beach volleyball, the technique in pairs (reception and lift, lift and attack); the game situation (ball change), the technique in pairs (wall defense and counter-raised), the game situation (phase point), the joke (float).

Beach Volleyball Tournament
The theoretical and practical activities will conclude with an exciting tournament that will involve everyone, divided into teams of different categories of play in a competitive climate.
The tournament, aimed to teach respect for the rules of the game, opponents and learn to arbitrate, the results will reward not only competitive, but above all the commitment, enthusiasm and learning.  Sports In order to expand the secondary offering, the participants will also have the wonderful swimming pool, basketball courts, soccer field, skate park. These sports, so-called "free" will be handled directly by the students under the supervision of a manager.

Evening activities
The evenings will offer various entertainment activities proposed by the staff of the Centre holiday entertainers;

The programming of each day is marked by the ongoing commitment with 5 hours of daily sports activities, free activities, relaxation and a varied evening entertainment designed to encourage socialization in a safe environment.

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