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AltrementiFestival 2012

12/18 march 2012 - San Marino e Rimini

start date: 03/12/2012 end date: 03/18/2012

ALTREMENTI is a philosophical-cultural festival that is expressed in conferences, debates, panel discussions and keynote address by renowned intellectuals.

ALTREMENTI turns and is thought to affect the entire citizenship. For this reason the formula is not professorial, easy to use, mixing business "culturally challenging" with moments of relaxation and characters known by the media. The festival promotes dialogue with the institutions, citizens, associations, promoting social interaction, growth of active citizenship, planning "from below".

ALTREMENTI has initiated collaborations with: University of San Marino, University of Bologna, University of Urbino, middle and high schools, Library, Long Legs, Secretary of State for Culture, Fondazione Cassa di San Marino, Ethical Bank, Festival of Philosophy "cream of thought "and launched networks of mutual support with numerous associations and local authorities and neighbors.

The organizers and curators of the festival are Robert Ciavatta, Stephen and Angelica Bezziccari Palagiano.

Other activities:

AltreIdee - philosophical incursions, glass in hand:

appetizers and dinners philosophical Aperi-treated by the consultant Loris Falconi

AltriScambi - week of bartering

AltriPalchi, plays on the theme of the festival

AltriSguardi, movie theme organized by Luke Easter

Altrenotti, the party with a DJ for youngsters organized in the Republic on Saturday night after the conclusion of the lessons

AltreTele - group exhibition of visual arts

Title of exhibition: "The diversity draws the world"

AltriTesti, itinerant sale of books

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