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Advanced Training Course - Summer School Edition V

26/31 agosto 2011 - Ex-Monastero Santa Chiara, Contrada Omerelli, 20

start date: 08/26/2011 end date: 08/31/2011

Advanced Training Course - Summer School Edition V

Re-GENERATIONS: lives traveling between fragility and possibility

The theater in education creates a learning environment surprisingly able to resume play, and plots of discourses that evoke the fascinating subject of complexity. You can go beyond the fragmentation and specialization, that hit like a dark unforgiving contemporary culture and, at the same time, attempts a reconstruction of dialogue, in progress, through a language that is already short: the language of mind-body.
In 2007 the idea of ​​giving life to the Summer School "Theatre and Education for Citizenship", in this its fifth edition, focuses on the theater as a place to reflect on the re-generation, new lives and new king -existence, the fragility of lives today, both for young people but also for older people, the climate of uncertainty that engulfs the lives, but we want to transform into a new opportunity, a creative force and creative.
We want to build a thought immigrant, mixed race, not sedentary, nomadic in its transformative, because of the ability to interpret and understand the changing world in which we try to make positive changes.
Theatre, therefore, to educate for active citizenship along with the protagonists of this kind of theater, and we teachers of the Faculty of Education
The Summer School will include meetings, workshops and workshops with teachers and artists, the exhibition "Theatre Festival of Democratic Citizenship."

Theatre Workshop Summer School 2011
Re-generation on the actor and civil directed by Fabrizio Serena Cassanelli Cats

The workshop aims to build a social network among people built on the basis of participation, expression, creativity and emotional sharing.
A laboratory based on the relationship between artistic research and training aimed at users civil and diverse as young people experience from university or already included in the normal work or social fabric.
Re-generations in the form of theatrical workshops to give answers to individual needs but also to stimulate new creative processes can make people think about social conflict and renewed models of civilian and active citizenship.

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