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15 th International Festival of Magic

11 march 2012 - Teatro Nuovo - Dogana

start date: 03/10/2012 end date: 03/12/2012

15 th International Festival of Magic

In the most ancient and fascinating republic in the world named World Heritage by UNESCO will take the most important event in Europe where magical illusion will take precedence over reality: Saturday, March 10th at 21:00 will take place at the theater "New" Customs in the Republic of San Marino on the international festival of magic. The fifteenth edition of the event created and organized by Gabriel under the auspices of the secretary of state for tourism and culture confirms the great success.

The best magicians illusionists of the globe will be on stage presented by Walter Rolfo familiar face Italian television personality and considered "magical" par excellence.

They will perform: Gabriel tries to bring up a plane ...?, Novas emerging young Roman master of manipulation with cards, Marc Antoine in an extraordinary imagination of doves unique, Jinie Brigina with her feminine charm and its incredible changes clothes, Erix Logan with the charming Sara Maya, the world's greatest illusions star currently on tour with the show Misterix, Feldini and Family a very unusual number of black theater never seen before inspired the world of web, Zuk & Silhouette a pair of young magicians who has received worldwide recognition with this number to be seen of the "animated mannequin." will also revived the legendary number of pigeon which brings up the magicians which we can not anticipate anything ....

The magical atmosphere that reigns in San Marino units only to the ability of artists to help give life to the audience the emotions of the great magic live.

An event that will delight both large and small.

Information and advance tickets:

Advance tickets at:

Kiosk tobacco Crocenzi

Via Piana 93 San Marino (RSM) tel 0549.99.27.51


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