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17/23 june 2012

start date: 06/17/2012 end date: 06/23/2012

The first campus was held in San Marino in 2003 and was the model for all other Campus who were born in Italy.

The objectives of the Campus are:

• to experiment with children's success in school-type tests through the use of tools and strategies, especially metacognitive, tailored to their needs;

• Increase motivation and self-confidence, thanks to the success experienced in self-awareness and have tools that if used strategically, can reach goals otherwise achieved with great effort;

• involve and support parents in the path toward autonomy of children.

Empirically, the methodology has allowed us to achieve these objectives and thus achieve excellent results in both psychological and motivational performance of the participants. In terms of performance, the boys are offered as educational tasks typically do research, study, exhibit what they have learned, summarize, build charts and maps, produce written texts, answer comprehension questions for texts, perform arithmetic problems, etc.. These activities are carried out with the aid of computers and software to suit the needs of children.

In addition, teachers suggest children, individually and in relation to each task, the strategies that can be useful to arrive at a benefit the most appropriate possible, with minimum energy expenditure and autonomy. We intend to dyslexia as a "disease-specific learning mode", namely the mode that involves manipulation of the read-write. This vision refers to the opportunity to propose other modes of learning more suited to the characteristics of people with disabilities: the oral mode where the text is translated into written and oral reading with the help of speech and visual means of which the Content can be represented through images, diagrams, cartoons, cartoons, etc..

On a psychological-motivational, and we value immediately stimulating the curiosity of children. This becomes possible by introducing appropriate aids and using educational methods to motivate participants. Following the successful experience in performing the tasks, the boys mature more aware of their limitations and the possibilities they have to "get around" and this of course improves self-esteem and self confidence.

The results were also evident in terms of participation of both boys and their parents: for example, the desire to repeat the experience and to meet during the school year there is repeated frequently by both children and parents, who see children in a renewed interest and enthusiasm.

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